Faucone Consultancy



Faucone Consultancy is a professional management and strategic consulting services company incorporated in India. Since we assist the organization we offer, we will be able to increase its operational capabilities and business opportunities at the same time assisting it in achieving its vision. This will be done by analyzing the organization’s current and future needs and helping it attain its goals and vision within a specified timeframe.

We employ our proven track record to direct the growth of your organization using our knowledge of finance, accounting, operations, project development, supply chain management, industry best practices, team building, and employee retention.

Leading Indian consultancy offering end-to-end recruiting solutions
We are a leading Indian consultancy with our presence across the globe, offering end-to-end recruiting solutions that include Research, Assessment, Selection, Outsourcing, Outplacement, Training & Development. We have been providing these services for past years and have helped thousands of clients from all business domains to get the right talent for their business.

At Faucone, we understand that meeting today’s needs requires an innovative approach. We value each new task as an opportunity to exceed your expectations, and our team approaches each challenge with vigor and precision. With a diverse workforce of talent worldwide, we bring fresh insight and experience to our clients’ search for top talent.

Committed to excellence

In today’s fast-changing environment, organizations have to adapt their strategies and processes. At Faucone, we offer you access to a wealth of tools and a well-trained team of professionals to capture opportunities and exploit them fully. Although we believe that thinking outside the box is the key to success, our vision is to develop a strong partnership with you based on trust and long-term relationships so your organization can benefit from our expertise in HR consultancy now and into the future.

our vision

We aim to build the gap between employers and their prospective employees, thus reducing anonymity. We also intend to address a wide array of Human Resource related issues at a much faster pace with immense professionalism resulting in a 360-degree panoramic view of the individuals as they move from one profile to another till they finally arrive at their destination.


our mission

To provide manpower services to our clients anywhere globally to create a very professional environment for maintaining and enhancing results.



  • Responsibility
  • Collaboration
  • Team work


A look at Faucone's culture

At Faucone Consultancy, we are committed to building a better world by nurturing the aspirations of our people.

Our core objective and its guiding spirit will be realized through the contributions of people. The culture at Faucone Consultancyis centered around values such as loyalty, commitment, empowerment, and transparency. The development of our work culture and our relationship with people is driven by egalitarianism. Fauconestrongly believes in and nurtures the idea of employees co-creating the company together.

  • Results-driven – Our customers’ satisfaction is important to us.
  • Take advantage of Freedom, Creativity, Leadership and Empowerment when you work as an entrepreneur.
    • By doing so, we achieve a greater level of differentiation in our approach to serving clients, as compared to our competitors.
      • Think independently and make decisions on your own – by making mistakes and learning from them rather than repeating them.
      • We can achieve our best through Passion for Excellence.
        • Learn in an environment that challenges you to push your limits and develop your business perspective.
      • Enhances the potential of individuals