Faucone Consultancy

If you had previously applied for a position with us, along with your resume, you DO NOT have to submit it again. We will have it in our database. But if you are applying to a different position, you can either update or use the same resume that you had previously submitted to us, through our website itself. 
We charge in either of the two ways for our recruitment services - a percentage fee, or a retainer. The percentage fee is calculated based upon the joining/starting salary of the selected candidate and is normally payable once the candidate starts work with you. This is one of the methods through which we charge. However, if you are not able to hire a suitable candidate, you DO NOT have to pay us anything. 
We request you to please use the online application form that you would be able to see on the recruitment website. Here, your resume will be stored in our database, and will find the match that best suits your profile. 
Yes, and we will also guide you as per our expectation level. 
All applications will be considered, irrespective of the experience, provided your profile matches the job role. 
We usually conduct 3 levels of the interview process: - one with HR,  - and two with the business that is hiring for this position. 
Yes, indeed. Faucone Consultancy strongly believes in continuous training and development. 
No. You can still apply for the position even if you do not meet all the requirements. We will still consider your application.