Faucone Consultancy

Recruiting international workers may be a complicated process. Recruitment personnel for international operations must assess a candidate’s global competitiveness during the recruiting process. An international organization’s workforce must have an understanding of international business.

Faucone Consultancy is among the leading International Recruitment Agencies. It is our goal to find the best candidates for our clients. It is a pleasure and pride to be able to provide better jobs and lifestyles to over a thousand workers from all skill levels, from semi-skilled to highly-skilled, non-technical and even professionals.

Time spent on hiring is time well spent.

By developing an optimal recruitment concept, our International Recruitment Consultants enable client companies to utilize the potential of international labour markets while ensuring maximum security.

We stand out for a number of reasons

  • Client-centric culture
  • Firms with a stronger business focus
  • Top-notch intake of consultants and trainers
  • Industry-specific teams

We use a structured and systematic selection process that is proactive, detailed and target-oriented. Understanding the clients’ needs is the first step of the process, which includes providing both clients and candidates with follow-up services post-employment.

Choose us and you’ll get:

  • Training: There may be times when additional training is necessary so as to be competent in a job role. Although you are qualified and the firm has selected you, sometimes it can be difficult to handle the requirements. We always have the best interest of the candidate at heart, which is why we do everything in our power to make sure you are prepared for the job.
  • Counselling: Career counselling is very important to young graduates since it helps them get the job they want. Moreover, career counsellors can also help working professionals determine whether they have taken a wrong career path or look for an alternative path.
  • Special Recruitment: We specialize in executive search, staffing, contract hire as well as project-based hiring. In this way, all parties are provided with greater flexibility.
  • Recruitment: Besides, we offer a number of top-notch recruitment services.


Our company is experienced in recruiting from the local market and employs the Applicant Screening process to shortlist potential candidates. All hiring responsibilities are handled by our overseas recruitment service. Our company can assist you in establishing a high-quality employment brand, coordinating interviews with hiring managers, and offering all the services needed to manage your recruiting efforts.