Faucone Consultancy


Build your teams quickly

Recruiting process outsourcing (RPO) is where a company transfers some or all of its recruitment functions to a service provider. As we scale your team, Faucone Consultancy removes the burden of recruitment from you so you can focus on other areas.

RPO firms are gaining tremendous popularity in India recently, and companies are leveraging these firms to save time and gain financial benefits in the long run. With the RPO model, Faucone Consultancy caters to the recruitment needs of leading companies across India.

We provide all the tools and technologies needed for recruitment process management with Faucone Consultancy’s RPO solutions. The recruiters are here to address your recruitment challenges onsite and offshore.

Faucone Consultancy provides team members or resources that are able to settle into your values and deliver accurately according to your needs of recruitment with a defined performance criterion.


What makes FAUCONE CONSULTANCY India’s leading RPO agent?

  • PAN India – Faucone Consultancy is a professionally managed RPO firm with a presence throughout India. Our services extend to all the locations in India where there is a need for recruitment from our clients.
  • Strategic Sourcing– Faucone Consultancy uses strategic sourcing to identify talents for specific roles. We track candidates within the pools using our own database of candidates and publicly available data sources that provide insight into job-seeking behaviour.
  • Management of candidates– Organisations need to know whether employees are capable of improving their performance. The Facone Consultancy has excellent methods for developing metrics that measure the productivity of candidates.
  • Pre-Employment Screening – Faucone Consultancy performs careful pre-employment screening to eliminate risks for organizations, such as checking up on the applicant’s background, their claims, their possible criminal histories, and their compensation claims.

In order to reduce the client’s costs, Faucone Consultancy’s RPO adjusts resource levels efficiently when hiring fluctuations occur. This means the client does not need to worry about having an insufficient staff or being short of talent when more resources are required.