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Training your employees as per your business needs and making them align with the company’s vision is quite a Herculean task, especially in this dynamic and digital world. Training and development are the prime HR functions. This is usually viewed as an integral and a mandatory aspect in the HR sector. Studies reveal that this era has seen a tremendous increase in the need for HR process training worldwide.

We have realised the need for HR process training, due to which Faucone Consultancy gives utmost importance to allocating training hours for employees, which would keep them abreast of the technological advancements in the industry.

Under HR process training, we focus mainly on considerable change in the attitude, skills or intellectuality of the employees, ultimately shaping their career. Our HR process training is structured after thorough and rigorous analysis based on the company needs and targets, whilst at the same time, we strive to maintain the learning atmosphere as friendly as possible. With our HR process training, you will can see a significant growth in employee performance and track their productivity as well.

By the end of the training program, we make sure that there is some kind of productive results, that will be reflected in the organization’s goals.

We work on the following skills:

  • Improvising the knowledge base of employees
  • Skill enhancement
  • Human resource utility and encouraging new concepts and ideas

Still confused? It’s simple… HR process training:

  • This will give you more room for development
  • This can be used as a parameter for improvement
  • Minimises employee turnover and enhances engagement


Faucone Consultancy’s Soft Skills Training course provides you with world-class and premium institutions recognized certifications that are sure to educate you on the necessary subject knowledge, training skills and business requirements, that will groom you to become a successful employee.

Faucone Consultancy mainly focuses on these contents under the soft skills programme:


  1. Building effective leadership Skills
  2. Efficient management of the entire team
  3. Motivational skills
  4. Interpersonal Skills
  5. Setting goals and working towards fulfilling it
  6. Negotiating Skills
  7. Emotional Intelligence
  8. Verbal Communication
  9. Preparing for Interview
  10. Stress Management
  11. Body Language

Not just training you in all these aspects; we also bring a complete transformation to your lives.

It is often felt that soft skills are something that is not much given importance to, especially in the workplace. So, rigorous training is required to develop someone with these basic qualities and skills, which will reflect indirectly on the growth of the company. Yes, it might seem to be a tedious process, but it is definitely worth the pain.

We have designed our soft skills programme exclusively for businesses to see a marked growth in their revenue and become leaders of their genres. We are also experts in making your employees come out with flying colours and see shine shining bright.

The most important factor that we keenly work upon is that we tend to make employees align their personal goals with your company’s vision, which is for sure to give you lauds.


Ever realized why Certification Trainings are a must in this corporate world?

This is one of the most critical aspects that any company would look out for in their candidates’ profiles. It is used to leverage the intake of the candidates and benefit the organization. Certification training is not just favorable to the individuals, but it would also help the organization gain a good knowledge and understanding about their employees. In addition to these, there are certainly other factors, why companies prefer these days:

–         Motivation to their employees

–         Track their growth progressively

–         Induces a feel of learning for a cause

Faucone Consultancy has set an exemplary model in its certification training programs in such a way that learners must showcase their intellectuality and knowledge on certain aspects before they earn their certificate.

We also believe that working professionals do have an immense role in taking up these certification training, as this is a golden chance to sharpen their skills in various professional aspects.

Faucone Consultancy has curated an exclusive certification training program to upgrade your employees’ skill sets and help them to upgrade themselves and keep themselves abreast of the current industrial scenario.

Our certification training program mostly concentrates on the following key areas:

–      Their roles and responsibilities as an individual in the corporate company

–     Ways to add value to your company

–     Help you to make smarter and quicker decisions




Well, Career Awareness doesn’t just go with the name. Career Awareness is not something that one should overlook, right after he/she lands up in a job that is either as per their dream or just for the sake of earning.

Before you take that big step in your life, you got to ask certain questions to yourself:

–         How do I want to lead my career?

–         Where does my expertise lie upon?

–         My strengths and weaknesses?

–         Are my long-term life expectations in parallel with this career?

At Faucone Consultancy, we help you discover and unveil your career attitudes, wisdom and bring out your intellectuality and make sure they are aligning with your life’s experiences. Among all these multitudes of factors, we help you take the fruitful decision on your careers.


For about a couple of years, Faucone Consultancy has organized many career awareness programs and services to help employees experience a smooth and seamless transition in their career path. We make sure you are exposed to a wide range of career options and the current scenario of the industrial arena.

The Career Awareness program that Faucone Consultancy is meant to lessen the gap between the conventional educational teaching and life skills needed for the corporate world.





Want to become a professional RECRUITER?


Welcome aboard to Faucone Consultancy, where you can master the art of the modern recruiting process. Accelerate your recruitment career with our carefully designed recruiter program.


So, what is special about the Recruiter Training program at Faucone Consultancy?


Specifically designed for those who do not have prior experience in recruiting and wish to enter into the wonderful world of Human Resources or the Talent Acquisition team, this training program is sure to shape you as a sound recruiter.


We have categorized this recruiter training program into various sections that will make you understand the recruitment life cycle.


We mostly focus on:


  • Strategies and methods to improve performance and skill set of the employees
  • Bringing out the best in each step of the recruitment cycle
  • Educating and training how to put new techniques into action
  • Come up with innovative and creative strategies to revamp the method of recruiting


By the end of this training program, we help you to realize potential candidates and appoint them as per the company’s needs. We have a very strong team of expert trainers, who interactively train you in all aspects.

Faucone Consultancy follows a structured and systematic procedure that aims to achieve the target most innovatively.




Ready to land up in your dream job? Wait, but before that did you self-analyze it your skills are sufficient enough to make you shine in your career?


Yes, it is easy to get into your dream job, much it takes time and effort to sustain in that field. This calls for a continuous learning process and keeping yourself abreast of the latest developments in the field you work. This will help you to climb the corporate ladder easily.

How do you benefit from skill upgradation?


  • Individual needs – The more you get yourself acquainted with the knowledge in your field, it boosts up your confidence immensely
  • Respectable position in the industry – If you consistently work on improvising your skills, you will earn a good name among your colleagues and friends
  • Relief from stress – As you keep yourself updated with the current scenario, you are less likely to prevent yourself from any kinds of work-related stress, and you would start concentrating more on your work


Embrace the habit of learning something new every day. Make it mandatory


Faucone Consultancy prepares the best skill development training programs and encourages you for better employment opportunities.


The Skill Upgradation training program has been crafted keeping in mind the need of the hour. These sections include the following:


  • Basic Skill Building
  • Sector-Specific Training
  • Pre-Employment Module


Faucone Consultancy brings you the best skill upgradation training and development program that will unveil your inner potential.




Establish your leadership qualities and show them in your company’s prosperity to fulfill desired outcomes.


At Faucone Consultancy, we believe in training individuals which will drive the company’s future success. Working on training the corporate members can actually enhance and uplift the company’s performance and minimize the overall risks, thereby.


Crafted in the most unique way to achieve 100% satisfaction in the areas like consulting, assessment, feedback, development, and evaluation; we assist organizations to hasten the revenue.


Faucone Consultancy’s corporate training program is a concoction of hard skills as well as soft skills that are specifically designed for employees to sharpen their skills and knowledge in various areas, aligning with the areas they work for.

From finance to digital marketing, and other business strategies, we train you in developing the skills that enhance your connectivity with your colleagues and showcase your talents.




Any organization that emphasis on corporate training means that it is shaping and determining its own career. By providing corporate training for your employees, you are indirectly creating a whole new corporate dimension that is adaptive and flexible.


We also make sure to deliver very informative quality training, ultimately satisfying your requirements. Giving training to your employees is a crucial step in building a good and healthy relationship too.


Our corporate training programs assure the following, as listed below:

  • Flexible timings
  • Thought by experts
  • Pre-recorded videos, in case you miss any sessions
  • Seamless assessments with valuable feedback




Having the thought to educate and sharpen your employees’ skills? Want to make them learn certain skills that could add benefit to the company?

We have it all here, right at Faucone Consultancy. We provide Employee Training to help your employees perform better.


A good and effective employee training makes you sustain the bunch of skilled, who help in increasing your company’s revenue. In this competitive world, talent is what speaks for itself, the need for employee training is also increasing parallelly.


–         We offer the best employee training programs

–         Best team building

–         We keenly observe every employee and train them as per the observation

–         Immense motivation

We develop training programs and assessments that would keep your employees engaged, motivated as well as productive.

At Faucone Consultancy, we are not just consultants, giving you advice. We get down to work with our clients to understand their business challenges and provide the appropriate solutions after intense analysis. Unlock the potential of your workforce through our flexible online learning, shaped around your needs. Employee training and development is a broad term covering multiple kinds of employee learning.


  1. Identify your goals
  2. Analyze your core competencies
  3. Make an in-depth survey of your needs
  4. Interview your employees and get the needed information
  5. Give formal training
  6. Give time for self-learning



Any internship program that you take during your lifetime is sure to fetch great results in the future. Especially in this industrial era, internships are given to all the freshers and even some internships are meant to enhance the skillsets of the employees.




Getting a job right after your graduation can sound like a very tedious process, but if you have an internship certificate in hand, then this could be quite useful to attend the interviews. This adds more value to your resume.


Designing an internship program is not that easy as one thinks. Faucone Consultancy has designed the internship in such a way that aligns with your company’s requirements.


If you are someone who is currently on the search for a job at a reputed company across the globe providing you a good salary, then you can turn to the internships offered at Faucone Consultancy.


You could choose from a wide range of internship programs that are in favour of your company’s needs. in addition to these, we could also tailor the internship programs as per your requirements.




  • it is an intensive career-oriented training program, for any duration of time, based on your needs
  • Guaranteed placements
  • You will also get the opportunity to interact with many industry experts and pioneers, from which you could look out for career opportunities
  • A certificate of completion that will add a feather to your cap
  • You will also get the chance to study under the guidance of renowned professionals from various universities across India
  • Continuous evaluation of your performance and appropriate feedback
  • Once you have completed the internship, we will make you ready to face any company and get through the interview rounds very easily.